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The average cost of pest control is $ 200. But these DIY pest control methods will likely to cost you between $ 20 to $ 40.S, How to do it for free?
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Whether or not professional help should be taken depends on the condition of insects in the house? However, it is right to seek professional help in new build houses, so that there will be no problem in the future. Worms are unwanted guests in your home. Yes, you have to work hard to drive them away. Sometimes they are controlled by sprays etc. But if they are very annoying, then you may have a professional helper. Due to this, it has become a big business in the United States today. 

The average cost is $ 200. Hiring a person will likely cost you between $ 200 to $ 400. The professional industry generated an estimated $8.597 billion in total service revenue in 2017, a 5.2 percent increase from the $8.175 billion measured in 2016, according to the report. So, How to do it for Free?

Top 10 Free DIY Pest Control Tips

  1. Do not leave any cracks at the edges of the ground and doors to keep the ants away.
  2. Mix vinegar in water for cleaning. Also, ants will stay away.
  3. If not eggshells, then hanging garlic cloves near your window and door will surely repel lizards. 
  4. Insects do not even come close to a half chopped onion.
  5. Keep the orange peel out in the open to drive away from the flies.
  6. Clean all places with moisture or water, as insects thrive quickly in such places during the monsoon.
  7. Put neem leaves under the carpet, this will absorb moisture and keep insects away.
  8. Keep cleaning in the kitchen. Use closed dustbins to avoid bees and smells.
  9. Do not allow water to accumulate indoors or outdoors, otherwise, there is a fear of insects and diseases.
  10. If a worm bites, rub some iron with some ghee on the affected area to remove its sting.

Benefits of DIY Pest Control methods

1. Low Cost
2. Natural methods are safe for the environment and health as compared to other methods.
These two are the key benefits of using natural methods to get rid of pests. Bad bug control Association says that keep a small number of insecticides at the right place, rather than spraying a lot of pesticides throughout the house. Taking professional help may seem obvious at first sight, but from a long-term perspective, it has proved to be very expensive. On the other hand, DIY pest control will do not affect our health and keeps us at ease. Also, it is good for the environment.

Whichever method is adopted, the bug control agency must be investigated before seeking professional help. Generally, all original agencies are a member of the insect control association which handles all the cases related to it. Chemicals cause harm in every situation, so before getting it, understand the treatment of the agency well. Ask the operator about the material used in the treatment and its side effects. This ensures that no harmful chemicals are used and asks them about their expiry date. Also check if chemicals are designed to be used in homes, not for industrial use. A good agency can tell the smallest detail of every chemical and he can also tell you why only such chemicals should be used. 

Chemicals are very annoying and you may need a professional helper. Similarly, if one or two cockroaches, bed bugs, or termites are visible in the kitchen, one does not need to seek professional help. Because you can do it by yourself and any of the above DIY pest control methods can work fine for you to get rid of pests.

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