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The chemical devices we used to drive mosquitoes pollute the atmosphere in our room. So, today we will tell you some natural methods of pest control which can help you avoid this problem. So..
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What are the natural methods of Pest control? 

If it is not possible to call the experts then you can do this work yourself with these natural methods. We are often disturbed by many pests like cockroaches in the corners of our homes or in kitchens. Not only this but mosquitoes and fly in the house also spread diseases, which we cannot stop. The main problem of the house is the rats, mosquitoes, lizards, cockroaches, flies, etc. inside the house, which cannot be ignored. These things are also harmful to human health. The chemical devices we used to drive mosquitoes to pollute the atmosphere in our room. Also by using these natural methods you will be able to save your family from these dangerous side effects of chemicals. So, today we will tell you some natural methods of it which can help you avoid this problem. So Come, let us know about them...


Cockroaches growing in the house make you very upset. In the kitchen and coolant areas, the number of them increases quite rapidly. All the equipment available in the market claim to drive away cockroaches but you can also get rid of cockroaches with some of these natural methods at home. Let's know some such measures which will cause the cockroaches in your house to run away.

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  1. Cockroaches always run away from the smell of Bay leaves. In the corner of the house where cockroaches are growing, mash some leaves of the bay and put them there. Cockroaches will run away from that place. If the outbreak of cockroaches is more, then change the leaves from time to time.
  2. Coffee is also very effective in getting rid of cockroaches. Where there are cockroaches, put some grains of coffee. Cockroaches will die after eating coffee grains. Later, you can clean this place.
  3. To remove the cockroach, mix an equal quantity of baking soda and powdered sugar and sprinkle it on the drainage place.
  4. Mix baking soda, flour, and ground sugar in equal amounts. Make small tablets of it and stick them on the cupboards, shelves, etc.



  1. Mosquitoes will run away after burning orange peels in the fire.
  2. In the rainy season, growing marigold flowers around the house will make the mosquitoes run away.
  3. If you burn, Neem leaves, and applies mint oil on the body then mosquitoes will never come close to you.
  4. Mosquitoes also run away from the blue low voltage blue light.


It is said that where there are sweets, there are ants. Yes, an ant is very small, but many ants come together and cause problems. If you are also troubled by ants, then let us know about the best natural methods at home to drive ants away from you.


  1. Cinnamon can also be used to remove ants. Sprinkle its powder in the places from which the ants enter.
  2. Mix vinegar in water and wipe the kitchen floor. This will clear the pheromone, which will prevent ants from coming.
  3. Lemon juice is acidic, and you can use it to drive ants away from home. For this, squeeze lemon juice and add salt to it. Then put it at the place where the ants are visible.


If you too have been troubled by lizards running around on the walls of your house, then these natural methods can prove to be helpful for you.


  1. Hanging egg peels on the window can keep the lizards away. Please don't take this line seriously :D
  2. Have you ever noticed that the lizard is rarely seen during winter? In such a situation, when the lizard is seen, spray cold water on it. The lizard will run away from it and will never return.
  3. Make a thick mixture of coffee powder and Catechu. After this, make small tablets of it and place them in places where there is a possibility of lizards. Because of the smell of coffee and Catechu, the lizards will die or run away. These are some of the best natural methods for it.


  1. Because mice do not like the smell of peppermint at all. Therefore, to drive the rat away, place the mint in cotton and place it in every corner of the house or under the bed.
  2. Red chili used in food is the best and most effective way to drive away mice. You should apply red chili powder at a place where rats are more likely to enter your house. After doing this, the rats must once think before entering the house.
  3. Place the mousetrap around the kitchen.
  4. Always keep the food items covered.


  1. Thread the lemon and green chilies in a thread and hang them on the doors and windows of the house.
  2. Put basil and mint plants around the kitchen.
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What are the 3 methods of pest control?

There are various methods available to choose from, but these methods can be divided into three main categories :
  1. Biological
  2. Hygienic
  3. Chemical

What are natural pesticides?

These are prepared with natural resources by our own hands like Neem oil, Merigold flower, etc. Natural pesticides are a safer, much more eco-friendly, alternative for our home, health, and garden. By using these natural pesticides the damage caused by these pests and diseases in people can be reduced to a great extent.

What is the best natural pesticide?

Neem is one of the best natural pesticides because it is very effective on almost every insect. On the other hand, it contains antiseptic, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral agents, which keep your internal system clean by purifying your blood. So Neem is the best natural pesticide. If you plant a Neem tree in your house, you will benefit a lot.

How do you make homemade pesticides?

To make homemade pesticide put 20 grams of coconut oil, about 30 drops of Neem oil in kerosene, and make a solution of two cubes of camphor together and burn the lanterns to prevent mosquitoes in your room or you can directly spray it on pests.

Hopefully, this article is useful and can help you in DIY Control =)

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