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About Pest Control at home Cleaning Experts, who have been working in this field for more than 25 years, says that insects are born from dirt and diseases caused by them can be avoided by following these Free DIY Methods...
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At home can be done by yourself. Regular cleaning of the house will reduce the number of insects. It is beneficial to keep the house clean and hygienic. Due to the moist environment in the rain insects and bad bugs, etc. start to flourish everywhere. In such a situation, keeping the house clean and healthy is a challenging task for everyone. The house should be cleaned and free of insects.

So how to do it by yourself?

It is necessary to have proper cleaning of the house. Cleaning Experts, who have been working in this field for more than 25 years, say that insects are born from dirt. This is the reason that insects are found more in cities than in villages. Open gutters, broken pipelines, in-place waterlogging are common in cities. Therefore, insects are born fast there. 

These insects reach home and cause disease. But keep in mind things related to cleanliness, insects, and diseases caused by them can be avoided by following these Free DIY Methods at home.

1. Do not leave the dishes in the sink at night 

At home Cockroaches and ants come to get food from this. If there is no time to wash them, then mix soapy water in a deep vessel and dip the utensils in it and cover it with something. Keep food in the refrigerator. Dustbin should be covered. Clean the floor with soapy water one or two times a week. Do the proper cleaning of the kitchen and bathrooms. Do not keep soaked clothes in the bathroom for too long. Cleaning experts say everyone can do it at home by themselves. 

 Know the Importance of Diy Natural Insects Control

2. Using Boric acid

I. Take a packet of 100 grams of boric acid
II. Mix it with some wheat flour. 
III. Afterward, mix two teaspoons of sugar well. Now prepare the dough and put it under the sink near the crevices and drains, wherever cockroaches, ants can see it. 

There is no side effect of this. Pests and insects will die after consuming them. If you have a child, asthma patient, or a pregnant woman in the house, you can still adopt this recipe. By performing this once a month, you will be able to eliminate the insects in your home completely. Use drum water only for 2-3 days or else discard it.

3. Citronella oil

Citronella oil originating from several species of lemongrass is used for soaps, candles, incense sticks, and fragrances in cosmetics. It has strong anti-fungal properties.

Its smell keeps away mosquitoes and insects. Mosquitoes will not bite after applying it on open limbs. Spraying it will not bring mosquitoes into the room and it will also spread the scent at home.

4. Set a net in windows

Many types of diseases have become common from mosquitoes. Among these dengue, malaria, etc. are common. Although many products are available in the market for it. Still, you can not pest-free your home entirely by using them because mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, etc. become accustomed to the chemical that you are using after a few days. Therefore, set a net in windows at home. Close the windows and doors in the evening.

Nowadays, in the market, battery-operated or electrical baits are available. Before sleeping, you should spin it around the room.

Before termites may lick your furniture, adopt these remedies

Many times they are visible, but sometimes it happens that they keep eating furniture inside and we cannot even find out. They usually thrive in moist and dark places. They are so harmful that even the most durable furniture gets licked within a few days.

Sometimes they are visible, but many times they keep eating furniture inside. Apart from wood, they also damage the books a lot. If your shelf is kept sticking to the wall, then by now, termites may have made it their home.

So do not let the water freeze in your house walls. Keep the drain and gutter cleaned. Doing so will not cause moisture into the walls. Termites grow only in moist places. Be sure to take care well, especially during the monsoon.

If small holes are seen in your wooden furniture, then understand that it is already attacked by the termites. Also sometimes you will a powder around your furniture. It is an indicator that termites have been entered into your furniture. Show the furniture a few days of sunlight. 

If there is doubt in your mind, then you should get the furniture painted. Although there is an insecticide called terminator in the market, which is specially made to kill termites but keep in mind that these are harmful to children and our environment.

How often you should do it?

It should be done once a month for up to 3 months at home. After this whenever you need it. But Always remember that natural methods of it need to be your first choice. Because chemicals used in it may affect your children's health very badly and it also affects the environment around us.

Hopefully, this article is useful and can help you in DIY Control =)

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