Chemical Pest Control Side Effects

Chemical pest control will cost both health and wealth. So use Natural Pest Control methods to avoid Diseases like cancer, liver damage, heart attack.


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Professional chemical pest control will cost both health and wealth. So to save money on household pests use natural pest control methods. You just do not need to get pest control unless it is really necessary for you. Because it will severely affect you and your children's health more than you think. There are various other natural ways that can be used to protect your children from these poisonous chemicals.

Side Effect of Chemical pest control

Many chronic diseases including cancer, kidney and liver damage, heart attack are increasing due to the poisonous insecticides used in it. According to US experts, pesticides are extremely dangerous for the liver, kidney, lungs, and intestines in the human body. 

They enter into our bodies through the food because of the pesticides used in farming. These chemicals may cause reduced heartbeat, side effects in the intestines, and memory loss while more exposure can lead to fatal diseases like cancer. Kidney and liver failure may also occur.

The main reason for the high use of chemical pesticides it becomes easier to do it with these chemicals when there are more outbreaks. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine it without pesticides at the present time. Due to excessive use of insecticide poison, there is a risk of pollution, loss of friendly insects, physical health. Therefore, some precautions should be taken while using chemical pest control insecticides.

Treating the effects of Pesticides 

If the poison is in the initial stage in the stomach, make the patient vomit. Give one or two teaspoons of salt with half a glass of water on an empty stomach. Put a finger in the throat until the vomit is not cleared, then keep getting it done. 

If the patient is unable to vomit, then in such a situation put a rubber tube in the stomach and wash it with water so that the pesticide comes out. Open all the windows and doors, loosen the clothes too.

Cover the patient with a blanket, so that he does not feel cold and keep the surrounding environment comfortable. If there is difficulty in breathing, give artificial respiration. If the insecticide has had direct contact with the skin, wash the body and hair with soap, followed by alcohol. 

If insecticide comes into contact with eyes, wash it with clean water. Do not use any chemical substance. If the poison flows in the whole body along with the blood, then according to the requirements, make arrangements for breathing through an artificial system.  through an artificial system.

Safety measures before using Pesticide

The various US experts said that insecticides should be used only when it is absolutely needed. Only use insecticides prescribed by US experts. Follow the instructions on the box carefully, and the person doing it should have complete knowledge of pesticide uses.

The person spraying the pesticide should have protective clothing like glasses, a full-sleeved shirt, full pajama, shoes, gloves, cap, mask, etc. Ensure the availability of an adequate amount of water and soap.

Always store pesticide in a locked room away from home, so that it is out of reach of children and animals. Inform the neighbor before spraying. Protect skin, eyes, and mouth from exposure to pesticides.

List of some harmful pesticides used in chemical pest control

1. Benomyl 2. Carbaryl 3. Diazinon  4. Pheneriol  5. Fenthione   6.Linuran  7. Methoxyethyl Mercury Chloride  8. Methyl Parathion  9. Sodium Cyanide 10.Thiomate and Tridemorph

Side Effects of Chemical Pest Control

Scientists have found that insects carry toxic components that can cause severe allergies in children and adults. Mosquitoes are undoubtedly among the most annoying insects, and they lead the way in causing skin rashes. Also, bed bugs are notorious for the majority of skin rashes and allergic reactions to the skin. So this will protect you against any such allergies.

DIY Pest Controlling Tips

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