Natural Shampoo Recipe for Healthy Hair

Natural shampoo are suitable for both women and men. To Make herbal shampoo at home for long-thick-strong hairs we are telling you the...

Long black and thick hair are appreciated by all, but because of the increasing pollution in the USA nowadays, the hair becomes weak, thin, and white. Today, everyone is concerned about these problems. These natural shampoos can be a big help in getting rid of these issues. Also, natural shampoo can provide a thorough cleansing and moisturize your hair and care for healthy hair.

All these natural shampoos are made from natural ingredients which can make your hair dark, thick, glossy, and strong. These natural shampoos are suitable for both women and men. To Make herbal shampoo at home for long-thick-strong hairs we are telling you the method of making 5 types of natural shampoos at home. By using these shampoos at home, you can make your hair long, thick, and strong.

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What are Natural shampoos? 

Before using organic shampoo, it is very important to know what organic shampoos are. For your information, let you know that organic shampoo is made without any chemical product or animal fat. Natural and herbal ingredients such as indian gooseberry, neem, soup nut etc. are used in it. Also, no sulphate or fragrance is used in it. 

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Benefits of Natural shampoo 

There are many benefits of organic shampoo, they work to give essential nutrients to your hair. Also, it can reduce many problems related to your hair such as dandruff, hair fall, dryness of hair, premature whitening of hair, etc. However, it is very important to use these shampoos according to your hair. Because if you don't do that, it can also damage your hair. Therefore, it is better that you use it after consulting your doctor. 

1. How to Make Natural Shampoo with Oranges

Ingredients: 1 orange juice, 1 tbsp honey, 5 drops of sandalwood oil, and water.

Method: Mix 1 tablespoon honey, 5 drops of sandalwood oil, and water with the juice of 1 orange and apply it on the hair.

Benefits:  It makes hair beautiful and shiny.

2. Acacia concinna Shampoo Recipe

Ingredients: 500 grams of Acacia concinna powder, 125 grams of fenugreek leaves (dried and powdered), and 5-6 lemon peels (dried and powdered).

Method: Mix Acacia concinna (Shikakai) powder and fenugreek leaves with lemon peel and keep them in an airtight container. When needed, soak in water and apply.

Benefits: Acacia concinna is beneficial for hair. This brings new life to dry hair.

3. Soap nut Shampoo for Healthy Hairs

Ingredients: 200 grams of Soap nut (Reetha), 200 grams of Acacia concinna (Shikakai), 100 grams of a poppy seed, 100 grams of Indian gooseberry, 10 grams of sandalwood oil, half tea Modine benzonatate, 2 liters water.

Method: Mix all ingredients except sodium benzonatate and sandalwood oil and get a rep overnight. Boil this mixture on low flame until it remains half. Then filter it and keep it aside for 30 to 45 minutes. Now add sodium benzonatate and sandalwood oil to it. Now Store it in a glass jar and use it as a shampoo.

Benefits: This natural shampoo can makes hair thick and manageable.

4. Method to make Aloe Vera Shampoo

Ingredients: Take 2 tsp Normal shampoo and 1/2 cup aloe vera leaf paste or 1 tsp aloe vera gel.

Method: First mix aloe vera gel and shampoo with a small amount of water and leave it for 50 to 60 minutes. If you want to use aloe vera leaves, extract their juice before use. Now Apply this mixture to the hair starting from the root to the tip with a gentle massage on the head and Wash off after a while.

Benefits: Aloe vera is a good conditioner. With its use, the hair becomes soft like silk and looks shiny.

5. Method for making Egg Shampoo

Ingredients:2 Eggs with 1 glass of water.

Method: Heat water and mix eggs in it. Filter this mixture, and after it cools down apply it to your hair by gently massaging it. Now wash your hair after 45 to 60 minutes.

Benefits: Hair looks shiny by applying egg to hair.

6. Method to make Natural shampoo with Neem

Ingredients: 2 cups neem leaves (dried and crushed), 1/2 kg gram flour, 1/2 kg Acacia concinna (shikakai) powder, and 120 grams of sandalwood powder.

Method: Mix neem leaves, sandalwood powder, and Acacia concinna (shikakai) powder, with gram flour and store them in an airtight bottle. Whenever you need to clean your hair, use 2 teaspoons of powder in one cup of water.

Benefits: Apart from being a medicine, neem has many benefits. Due to this, there is no itching in the head and there is no dandruff to a great extent.

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7. Recipe from reetha-amla-shikakai shampoo

Ingredients: 100 grams of deseeded reetha, 100 grams of dry amla, 100 grams of shikakai, and 100 grams of fenugreek seeds.

Method: Boil Soap nut (Reetha), Indian gooseberry (amla), Acacia concinna (shikakai), and fenugreek seeds for half an hour. Filter them after it cools down and add the juice of one lemon to them.

Benefits: With regular use of this shampoo hair grows faster and there is no problem like hair graying hair fall or dandruff.

8. Shikakai-Amla Natural Shampoo Recipe

Ingredients: 200 grams of shikakai leaves or powder, 200 grams of Indian gooseberries (amla) powder, and 100 grams of lemon peel.

Method: Fill the peels with Acacia concinna (shikakai), amla, and jaggery and drip them in water. Check this water thoroughly in the morning and cool it. When this mixture cools down after filtering fills it in a bottle. 

Benefits: Regular use of this shampoo will make your hair long-lasting and strong.

9. How to make instant conditioner

Ingredients: 2 tbsp castor oil (castor oil), 1 egg, 1 tsp glycerin, and 1 tsp vinegar.

Method: Massage the head by mixing castor oil, egg, glycerin, and vinegar. Steam by wrapping a lightweight hot towel around your head. After some time you can wash your hair thoroughly.

Benefits: This conditioner leaves hair feeling soft and shiny as well as adds volume to them.

Also, keep these things in mind, and you will not have the problem of hair fall.

Stay away from blow dryers

After washing the hair, it is necessary to dry them properly. If you do not do this, it can cause your hair to start falling. After washing the hair, do not tie them tightly in a towel. Also, a blow dryer should not be done on wet hair.

The use of a blow dryer weakens the root of the hair, after which the hair starts breaking. So, allow the hair to dry a little. Then dry the hair with a blow dryer. But you should only sometimes use it. Hair should be dried in natural air. 

Say no to chemical treatment

Even though hair becomes good after chemical treatment, but if you think for a long time, then this treatment causes great damage to your hair. Products that are used in keratin to smoothing have a high amount of chemicals. Due to this, the hair becomes rough and damaged and after some time the hair fall starts. Therefore, you should keep a distance from chemical treatment.

If you want to straighten your hair, then you can do it to some extent with the help of natural things. Also, you can use egg and coconut oil to protect hair from breakage.

Overwashing can cause problems

Hair washing is important for healthy hair. This cleanses the dirt in the hair, but do you know how many times a week to wash the hair? It depends on the texture of your hair. Oily hair should be washed at least 3 times a week.

Dry hair 2 times. Many times we wash our hair more than necessary. Due to this, there is a problem of hair fall.

Follow this home remedy

Our mom and grandmother always ask for oil to be applied to the hair. You should take coconut oil spa to reduce the problem of hair loss.

What to do?

Heat half a cup of coconut oil. 

Now apply the oil to the scalp and massage it with light hands. 

Do not forget to apply coconut oil to the root of the hair. 

Leave the oil in the hair overnight. 

Wash the hair with a mild shampoo the next morning. 

Apply lukewarm coconut oil to the hair twice a week.

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