Termites : How to Identify and Control Them Naturally

Termites are small insects that have distinct castes and live in colonies, feed on wood or other dead plant matter. Many times they are..

Before Termites May Lick Your Furniture, Adopt These Remedies

Termites are small insects that have distinct castes and live in colonies, feed on wood or other dead plant matter. Many times they are visible, but sometimes it happens that they keep eating furniture inside and we cannot even find out. They usually thrive in moist and dark places. They are so harmful that even the most durable furniture gets licked within a few days.

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Sometimes they are visible, but many times they keep eating furniture inside. Apart from wood, they also damage the books a lot. If your shelf is kept sticking to the wall, then by now, termites may have made it their home. 

So do not let the water freeze in your house walls. Keep the drain and gutter cleaned. Doing so will not cause moisture into the walls. Termites grow only in moist places. Be sure to take care well, especially during the monsoon.

If small holes are seen in your wooden furniture, then understand that it is already attacked by the termites. Also sometimes you will see a wooden powder around your furniture. It is an indicator that termites have been entered into your furniture. So dry the furniture in a few days of sunlight. If there is doubt in your mind, then you should get the furniture painted. Although there is an insecticide called terminator in the market, which is specially made to kill termites but keep in mind that these are harmful to children and our environment. Many chronic diseases including cancer, kidney and liver damage, heart attack are increasing due to the use of pesticides so i request you to avoid them.

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